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KT-2000B Bone Trauma Therapeutic Apparatus
It is based on spin interference field theory and actual situation, set up several treatment according to the most optimal manner, controlled automatically by computer chip, into the deep of bone injury, produce an effective healing current, promote blood circulation, enhance the ability of osteogenesis, accelerate the synthesis of collagen and calcium salt deposition, to promote fracture healing.
External form:Trolley type
External Size: 550*490*920  mm
Display: LED
Output channels: 2
Plug electrode: 90*60mm  8 pieces
Plug conductive adhesive films:50*5omm  40 pieces   
1.Anti-inflammatory, detumescence and Analgesia after the surgery
2.Various physiological and pathological fracturet, delayed union, nonunion, bone defect.
3.Contusion of soft tissue, joint sprain and strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar disc herniation, shoulder bursitis and sciatica, nerve injury or inflammation caused by paralysis and peripheral nerve disorders.
4.Improve the clinical symptoms of Avascular Necrosis
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